Fergas Global Leadership Team

Rikard Wallman   Rikard Wallman
 President & CEO Fergas Group
Andrew Lee  Andrew Lee
 General Manager Fergas Asia Pacific
Cesare Manenti  Cesare Manenti
 General Manager Fergas South Europe
Mark Kaplan  Mark Kaplan
 General Sales Manager Fergas North America
Patrik Jonsson  Patrik Jonsson
 General Manager Fergas North Europe
Magnus Pettersson  Magnus Pettersson
 CFO Fergas Group 
Peter Holmström  Peter Holmström
 Global Engineering Director Fergas Group 
Håkan Carling  Håkan Carling
 Global Supply Chain Director Fergas Group
Yaroslav Romashko  Yaroslav Romashko
 Global Product Development Fergas Group 
Henrik Ahlström  Henrik Ahlström
 Global Sales Director Fergas Group 
Mikael Wallman  Mikael Wallman
 Global Marketing Fergas Group


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