Our customers have asked us to develop a modular fan solution which can be customized and provide an even air flow. We listened to our customers and we are proud to present the new Fergas Modular Fan System.

The New Fergas Modular Fan System allows our customers to utilize the available space in a much more efficient way! In addition, the Fergas Modular system opens the possibility to design the air flow accordingly to customer demand.

Fergas Modular System provides a flexible and cost efficient solution by connecting fans in a row with one motor. Available in Ø 30, 45 and 60 mm.


  • Easy to connect and to combine to required lenght.
  • Even distribution of air flow over the whole lenght of the blower.
  • Easy to protect single motor.
  • Energy effective motors.
  • More efficient utilization of available space.
  • Cost saving by using only one motor. 


pdfModule Folder

pdfModule 30

pdfModule 45

pdfModule 60



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